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True Crime Paranormal fans, this merch is for you!

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True Crime Paranormal fans, this merch is for you!

The Psychic Sisters have been podcasting together for 10 years. True Crime Paranormal developed out of a love for true crime and all things paranormal and psychic.

True Crime Paranormal offers a variety of unsolved cases covered in true crime style with a twist! After the case is laid out by one of the sisters, the other does a cold reading on the case to determine what really happened.

The sisters go live on YouTube weekly to interact with you! On Wednesdays at 8 pm MST they provide a live stream case update and take your questions. On Thursdays at 8 pm MST the sisters go live for their Thursday Psychic Show where they teach from their vast metaphysical knowledge and take reading and healing requests out of the live chat.